Local hook ups nsw classifieds

local hook ups nsw classifieds

Local hook ups nsw classifieds

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My phone has been really quiet this week. Time for a call to action? Sex workers lives are at stake, this needs to be international news. Do whatever it takes. International SWs head to your US embassy. Jessi was talking to me from her hospital bed where she was preparing for her second round of back surgery. She had just returned to work after her first spinal surgery when her main source of income, Backpage, went down for good.

She said it accounted for 95 per cent of her client base. Even with sex work, there is no comparison. Gay and transsexual sex workers have also lost websites critical to their business, including gay dating hook-up sites where they are able to chat with their peers and exchange information on health and safety.

I have never worked overseas so I have no idea what other platforms there are there. Sex workers are resilient. Things have fallen apart really quickly.

An Australian-based website, Crockor, is picking up steam as an alternative classifieds portal for Australian sex workers. Continue the conversation with Matt Young via Facebook or Twitter. EVER wondered why women get questions that never seem to be aimed at men?

Balance, career, babies — the list goes on. The Balls Deep podcast is turning that trend on its head. MORE than six months after The Northern Star revealed ice, ketamine, cannabis and other drugs were being sold and traded locally through online personals networks, the practice continues. Posts on a popular US-based site, which usually refer to drugs by street names such 'sweet puff' ice , also offer drugs in exchange for sex.

We decided not to name the site in our August, report, but a recent article published by News Limited outed Craigslist. Meanwhile, Northern Rivers' police have continued to deal with an influx of ice crystal methamphetamine in northern NSW and its accompanying social damage. One example of the drug deals occurring on the site was an advertisement for ice posted on April 11, with Tallai listed as the location.

Another post from April 10, which listed Lismore as the location, demonstrated how sex has been traded for drugs. I'm new to this area. Will need a hook up. I've got the cash. Detective Acting Inspector Bernadette Ingram, Richmond Local Area Command's crime manager, was unable to reveal whether police had made any recent arrests in relation to online drug dealing.

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