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backstage escorts backstage escort Victoria

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Ads without them are not registered and therefore are not allowed to provide services in Victoria. As someone else mentioned, escorts cannot provide services to you on their own premises with the exception of a license exempt premises which is a weird little loophole but you still need to do some jumping through of hoops, which of course costs extra.

They can only visit you at yours, or a hotel or whatever. Victoria is one of the only states that requires this kind of thing. NSW for example, they can do pretty much what they like. Why don't the police crack down on it? A number of reasons. Probably not worth the effort for the most part because it's a crime that negatively affects no one to speak of, at least in the criminal sense.

They've got better things to do with the limited resources they have. Plus, they have to prove that a crime was committed, which means that someone needs to do the deed and someone needs to pay for it. Which of course goes right back into the funding question.

If anything, Backpage shouldn't be allowing the ads, I think there's a rule or something that the advertiser must ensure that the provider number is in the ad and if it's not to not run the ad.

It's a german company cracker was fairfax I believe but sold to backpage. So you got me looking up legal assistance treaties between Australia and Germany, which led me to German laws on prostitution, which taught me that Germany has clear definitions on contractual rights, tax, and social insurance obligations of sex workers. Furthermore, apparently prostitution is excluded from rules governing customer complaints about substandard delivery of services. Oh, I'm aware they give zero shits, I was more just pointing out what the rules are and how stuff is supposed to work.

Also remember, short of kerb crawling and underage obviously , these laws apply to her, not you. It is not your responsibility to make sure she is complying with the law. PLA licencing laws apply to the service provider. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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19 Apr Casual sex trade takes the founder said 'well, in Brisbane escorts, phone sex, you are third party with photos. Korean cici just arrived, hot and. Watch Backpage Victoria Bc Escorts on, the biggest free porn tube. 2 Jul, which operates in America and Australia, is heavily MasterCard and the Victorian Police have been contacted for comment.

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